• Participating Private Schools

    • Daystar Academy
      February 9, 2022 10am – 2pm

      Learning about Daystar Academy’s unique community where our students are provided with a nurturing learning environment that allows them to explore, discover, and create is the best way to start your Daystar journey. We are committed to more than academic excellence. Our curriculum allows students to engage with subject matter in experiential ways and promotes curiosity, problem solving, and respect of differences in thought and opinion.

    • Muhammad University of Islam
      February 16, 2022 10am – 2pm

      Muhammad University of Islam provides our children with the essential knowledge of God and of Self. Recognition of God is the proper beginning point for learning and understanding every discipline of Life. True education provides the proper cultivation of one’s gifts, talents, mind, body and spirit by bringing us closer to fulfilling our purpose for being, which is to reflect Allah (God).